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A space for boundless thinking

Embassy Academy spans over 5 acres at the heart of Embassy Springs, a 288-acre living space in the North of Bengaluru. The lush green campus offers World- Class facilities with Technology enabled curriculum and top- notch sports infrastructure. Equipped with smart classrooms, labs, studios, and activity halls, it prioritizes quality education and holistic student growth. A space where spirited young minds can channel their creative and academic energies.

Here, learning is an interaction

Our teaching approach centers around the child. We use activities and experiences to learn by doing. It's a two-way interaction with teachers as mentors. Students understand concepts through practical learning which in turn helps them succeed in their exams and prepare them for life. Our focus is the overall growth of each child, including cognitive, emotional, and behavioral development.

Embassy Education – Decades of Excellence

Founded by Embassy Group, we stand out from emerging educational startups by aligning ourselves with other esteemed global schools and offering comprehensive programs beyond academics. We have been in the service of education since 2008, when we first laid the foundation for the prestigious Stonehill International School in Bengaluru. After 15 years of success, we blend best practices, safe spaces, and innovative learning to foster a diverse community of educators and students.

From Thinkers to Doers

Embassy Academy nurtures future leaders who drive change. We want our students to believe in the power of their dreams and create a better and brighter tomorrow. For that our focus is to guide young individuals to use their unique talents and skills to navigate a world where challenges are constant. However, we want to inculcate a fearless and positive approach that will prepare them for a life full of hope and compassion.

Why Choose Embassy

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