Teaching Approaches

Student-Teacher ratio

Learning through play

Our hands-on learning approach, at the pre-primary level, enhances a child’s ability to independently discover and understand their environment. With regular assemblies, community guests, field trips, projects, guided play, and practical activities the little ones will be learning as they participate in these planned and structured programs.

Through an integrated curriculum, young minds can grasp inter-disciplinary connections and can effectively apply that knowledge to real-world scenarios. Learning through play and actively involving them in each aspect of the curriculum instil in them a sense of fulfilment. Our skilled educators employ diverse teaching approaches, including storytelling, music, art, and drama, to facilitate children's learning and meaningful connections with the world around them.

What would a day at EA look like during early years?

At Embassy Academy, our young learners aged 3-5 have a day bursting with exciting experiences. They'll dive into interactive classroom sessions, play in the kindergarten area, and explore the wonders of the music and arts studio. We believe in nurturing well-rounded skills and encouraging them to try new things. Curious about our learning spaces? Discover more about the fantastic journey awaiting your child at EA.

Our goals for pre-primary students:

  • A well-rounded child with an enthusiasm for learning to their best ability
  • Self-esteem and self-respect
  • Mutual respect and appreciation for others
  • Social, physical and intellectual awareness
  • A mentally resourceful child who demonstrates the physical confidence and skills to make the successful transition into any competitive sport or dance programme

Yes, we do accommodate toddlers starting at 3 years of age for Nursery and the Kindergarten Programme too.

For our first Academic year, 2024-25, we will enrol students who fall within the below age criteria as on 31st May:

Class Age-Group
Nursery 3-4 years
KG-I 4-5 years
KG-II 5-6 years

The school timing for the Pre-Primary wing is - 8.30 am to 12.00 pm (Monday to Friday)
Students are expected to reach campus 10 minutes before start time. We expect all students to leave the school campus within 15 minutes of the school end time. Please note, the timings may change during winters/summers, if necessary and mandated by the government.

We ensure personal attention is given to each student in a class. With the Mother Teacher concept in place, the student teacher ratio would be 10:1 till Grade 2.

Yes, we provide safe, comfortable school transport for selected locations. All our buses are equipped with closed-circuit cameras, GPS Tracking and other safety equipment. Our fleet of new buses are well maintained and we ensure that there is a lady attendant on board at all times. All our drivers and attendants are well-trained and undergone police verification. Please speak to our Admission Counsellor for details of pick-up and drop points.

Please refer to the Admissions page for details on the admission process. For the Fee structure, please reach out to the Admissions team on the numbers provided.

Yes, we do take mid-year admissions. However, the decision would be at the discretion of the Principal after due consideration.

KG Classrooms

Our KG classrooms are designed as per each child's comfort and safety in mind. With ergonomic furniture that supports healthy posture, each classroom is bright, cheerful, and well-lit, creating a vibrant learning environment. Safety is our top priority; our classrooms are child-proof and designed to activate different intelligences, encouraging holistic development. We believe in creating a colourful, engaging space where your child can thrive and enjoy their early learning journey.


Our vibrant Kindergarten Playarea is just the place for our youngest learners who get to enjoy grasping spatial, physical and mental concepts through play. The lawn area is a colourful, safe, and stimulating environment where our little ones can explore, imagine, and grow. This play-based approach fosters creativity, improves social skills, and instils a love for learning. This area focuses on providing a solid foundation for future academic pursuits and personal development.


Music Room:

Our Music Room embodies a harmonious blend of education, creativity, and performance. It features a stage that enhances acoustic elements alongside a diverse collection of instruments, ranging from timeless pianos to cutting-edge synthesizers. Within this dedicated space students undergo a transformative journey to become accomplished musicians under the expert guidance of seasoned professionals.

Art Studio: 

Our Art Studio serves as a vibrant hub of creativity, where students can explore a wide spectrum of colours, textures, and forms. Equipped with top-quality art supplies, including ample natural lighting, easels, storage space, sinks, ventilation, drying racks, and display space, we provide a nurturing environment for aspiring artists to express their thoughts and emotions on canvas. Under the guidance of professional artists, our students are empowered to create their own masterpieces using a variety of resources.

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