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Learning through practice

Primary School aims to strengthen your child's holistic development through a thoughtfully designed co-curricular programme. Our focus during these years is to reinforce your child's unique talents and abilities even outside the classroom. The students grasp new skills, and enjoy the bonds formed with their classmates through an active curriculum.

They not only learn the concept of teamwork, but also experience the essence of unity, and the values of harmony and empathy. Guided by our diverse faculty and a technology-driven education, our students actively engage with their subjects, promoting better understanding and knowledge retention. Along with academics, your child also has multiple opportunities to try out sports, arts, and other fun activities, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching experience.

What would a day at EA look like during primary school?

A day in the life of our young learners is all about nurturing confidence, independence, and drive. In our Primary School, we focus on their physical and holistic growth. Alongside classroom learning, they enjoy sports, explore their talents in performing arts, and discover hands-on learning in our maker's space. Visit our Learning Spaces section if you want to know more about our enriching primary school programmes

Goals for our primary schoolers:

  • A confident child with a sense of independence, accountability, and leadership abilities in the pre-adolescent phase
  • An appreciation of social responsibility and self-discipline
  • A well-adjusted child through programmes for intellectual, social, psychological, and physical growth
  • An awareness of health and safety principles
  • An active learner who is curious yet creative
  • Physically and mentally sharp minds indulging in arts, sports and other co-curriculars

Our Primary School Programme includes Grades 1 to 5.

For admission to Grade 1, students must have complete the Pre-Primary programme and meet the age-criteria (age as on 31st May) as detailed below:

Class Age-Group
Grade 1 6-7 years
Grade 2 7-8 years
Grade 3 8-9 years
Grade 4 9-10 years
Grade 5 10-11 years

The school timing for the Primary wing is - 8.30 am to 3.00 pm (Monday to Friday)
Students are expected to reach the campus 10 minutes before start time. We expect all students to leave the school campus within 15 minutes of school end time. Please note, the timings may change during winters/summers, if necessary and mandated by the government.

We ensure personal attention is given to each student in a class. With the Mother Teacher concept in place, the student teacher ratio would be 10:1 till Grade 2. For Grades 3 to 5, the ratio would be 15:1.

The school organises various co-curricular activities for students, such as dance, drama and theatre, vocal and instrumental music, fine arts, drawing and craft, and indoor and outdoor sports. Details of the clubs and activities will be provided at the time of the Parent Orientation Programme before the start of the Academic Year.

Our school is dedicated to providing your child with the highest quality education possible. If a student is struggling, we offer remedial classes and mentorship programs to provide them with the extra support they need to succeed. These additional resources come at no additional cost to parents. However, students diagnosed or identified with Special Education Needs may be referred to external professionals and experts at cost to parents.

Yes, we provide safe, comfortable school transport for selected locations. All our buses are equipped with closed-circuit cameras, GPS Tracking and other safety equipment. Our fleet of new buses are well maintained and we ensure that there is a lady attendant on board at all times. All our drivers and attendants are well-trained and undergone police verification. Please speak to our Admission Counsellor for details of pick-up and drop points.

Please refer to the Admissions page for details on the admission process. For the Fee structure, please reach out to the Admissions team on the numbers provided.

Yes, we do take mid-year admissions. However, the decision would be at the discretion of the Principal after due consideration.


This space, accommodating up to 32 students, is equipped with eight well-thought-out workstations, paving the way for an immersive problem-solving and creative experience.

It is an environment where ideas come to life. From 3D printers to basic crafting tools, electronics workstations to computers with design software, students have all they need to transform their visions into reality. We nurture inventiveness, critical thinking, and resilience as students navigate real-world challenges, fostering a spirit of collaboration along the way.

We do have handheld power tools, microcontrollers, prototyping materials, and arts and craft supplies. While safety is paramount at Embassy Academy, we ensure that all activities are carried out under the guidance of our experienced staff, with all necessary safety equipment in place.


At Embassy Academy, we believe that physical development is as crucial as intellectual growth.

Our expansive Sports Complex, spanning an area of 12,679 sq.ft, offers a dynamic environment where students can engage in a variety of sports such as basketball, badminton, football, tennis, and table tennis. This meticulously designed space encourages active learning, healthy competition, and includes turf fields like lawn and Mexican grass.

We are introducing gymnastics in the facility. Additionally, we have a nursing station/healthcare centre on the ground floor of the admin block for first aid needs. Through participation in team sports, students not only maintain their physical health but also enhance their teamwork, leadership, and strategic thinking skills.

Dance Studio

Our esteemed Dance Studio features a specially designed sprung floor for utmost safety and mirrors for self-assessment. The studio cultivates grace, agility, and rhythm while nurturing the immense potential of each dancer. Our highly experienced choreographers expertly lead students through a diverse range of dance forms, enriching their confidence and coordination.

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