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In the Senior School, we offer a diverse range of robust classes that allow students to showcase their strengths and know their capabilities. Our comprehensive college preparatory program, including the 10th and 12th board exams, readies students for both national and international university pathways. With Honors and Advanced Placement courses across disciplines, students are fully engaged in active learning.

This strong foundation fosters academic and problem-solving independence, forging meaningful connections with teachers and peers in our dynamic classrooms. Our senior school curriculum aids in career direction, offering support and clarity in their chosen paths. In a nurturing environment, we encourage success, respect, and preparation for challenges beyond the classroom, shaping them into confident leaders, contributors, and achievers.

What would a day at EA look like during senior school?

In Senior School, your child will thrive with advanced coursework, excel in sports, and develop a well-rounded personality through performing arts, science, and language skills. We empower students with leadership skills to prepare them for a successful future. Discover more of our top-notch facilities for a holistic and enriching educational journey in our Learning Spaces section.

Goals for Our Senior School Graduates

  • Enthusiasm with a high level of intellectual curiosity and a passion for learning
  • Ready with highly developed study skills, one that can adjust to the expectations and rigors of college, career, and community
  • A perceptive mindset with an understanding of technology and its applications to each academic discipline
  • A global thinking with an appreciation for different cultures and a respect for individuals
  • An ethical ideology with a strong sense of personal integrity and a willingness to lead
  • A healthy wellbeing with a commitment to good nutrition and physical fitness
  • An individual who will care for their social and emotional well-being

Our Senior School programme includes Grades 9 to 12.

The National Curriculum Framework provides for an integrated and inter-disciplinary approach to education as such we expect a broad range of academic and vocational subjects to be offered to students. More specific details will be provided after affiliation with CBSE, New Delhi.

Smart Classrooms

Our Smart Classrooms, spread over 550 sq.ft., are equipped with state-of-the-art resources like projectors, screens, sound systems, CCTV for security, high-speed Wi-Fi, and LAN connections

At Embassy Academy, we understand that the quality of education is greatly influenced by the infrastructure and environment. Our classrooms provide power backup and laptops for teachers, ensuring an uninterrupted learning experience.

Each classroom is meticulously designed to provide excellent ventilation and lighting, meeting Lux level (National Building Code of India). requirements. We have given particular attention to ergonomic furniture design. Chairs and desks are tailor-made for different grade levels, improving comfort, posture, and concentration. Each classroom includes open cubbies for storing books and bags.

Every classroom has a sizable green chalk or whiteboard and a manual projector screen, promoting interactive learning. We enrich computer literacy using Microsoft Suite and Google Suite.

At Embassy Academy, we integrate technology with traditional teaching methods following necessary NEP guidelines to provide a comprehensive education. We create an inspiring environment that stimulates curiosity, nurtures creativity, and sharpens critical thinking skills, preparing students for the future.


Our laboratories are more than just rooms filled with equipment;

They are the heart of innovative learning. With state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated educators, our labs are where students transform theories into realities, curiosity into discoveries, and classroom concepts into tangible skills.

Science Labs

Our Science Labs, covering the expansive realms of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, measure an impressive 1100 sq.ft each. With the capacity to facilitate 32 students, each lab also includes a dedicated demonstration area for facilitators. We’ve equipped these labs with apparatus and equipment as mandated by CBSE, with unwavering attention to safety protocols. Our Chemistry Lab is a live demonstration of experimental science, equipped with apparatus that set us apart, while our Biology Lab houses a diverse collection of biological models and specimens.

Robotics Lab

Robotics Lab at Embassy Academy, spans across 550 sq.ft and can accommodate 32 aspiring roboticists. The lab brims with the latest robotics equipment and sets, including a rich array of robot kits, microcontrollers, and sensors. The lab is fully equipped with computers and programming software, and we are currently in the process of procuring 3D Printers and Laser Cutters. As with all our labs, high-speed Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity is a given.

Computer Lab

We take immense pride in our state-of-the-art computer labs which is a hub of digital exploration. Equipped with 30 of the latest desktop computers running Microsoft OS and Software, these labs are bustling centres of digital exploration. Each system is complemented by high-resolution monitors, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic computing experience. These labs comfortably host 30 students at a time, providing a personal workspace that encourages self-paced learning.

Mathematics Lab

Our Mathematics Lab, a space of 550 sq.ft, is a vibrant arena that fuels mathematical exploration, equipped with the best learning aids to transform abstract numbers into concrete logic. With a capacity to accommodate 30 students, it encourages collaborative learning. The lab is seamlessly connected with high-speed Wi-Fi and LAN, facilitating access to a world of online resources.

Sports Complex

At Embassy Academy, we believe that physical development is as crucial as intellectual growth.

Our expansive Sports Complex, spanning an area of 12,679 sq.ft, offers a dynamic environment where students can engage in a variety of sports such as basketball, badminton, football, tennis, and table tennis. This meticulously designed space encourages active learning, healthy competition, and includes turf fields like lawn and Mexican grass.

We are introducing gymnastics in the facility. Additionally, we have a nursing station/healthcare centre on the ground floor of the admin block for first aid needs. Through participation in team sports, students not only maintain their physical health but also enhance their teamwork, leadership, and strategic thinking skills.

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