Our learning environment hones the intellectually curious, independent mind to create adults who feel equipped in any area of life.

Designed to make learning feel seamless 

Our academic environment envisaged over 5.30 acres of land is thoughtfully designed to foster children's growth without limits, allowing them to learn practically with hands-on experience. Cutting-edge facilities like smart classrooms, science labs, music and dance studios, and robotics labs within our academic blocks, create an inspiring setting for students to explore their passions and talents.

Our commitment to top-notch education and holistic student development drives our progressive approach. Join us in ushering a new era of school spaces that provide students the freedom to explore their capabilities and continually expand the limit of their knowledge and skills.

Our learning spaces are designed to inspire innovative thinking, stimulate curiosity, and foster a deep, enduring understanding of academic concepts. We believe in providing our students with an environment that challenges them, nurtures their inherent talents, and encourages them to push their boundaries.

Embassy Academy extensively offers:

Other Spaces:

  • Makerspace

  • Management Block

  • Infirmary

  • CCTV Surveillance

  • Dining Halls

Smart Classrooms

At Embassy Academy, we understand that the quality of education is greatly influenced by the infrastructure and environment.

Our Smart Classrooms, spread over 550 sq.ft., are equipped with state-of-the-art resources like projectors, screens, sound systems, CCTV for security, high-speed Wi-Fi, and LAN connections. These classrooms also provide power backup and laptops for teachers, ensuring an uninterrupted learning experience.

Each classroom is meticulously designed to provide excellent ventilation and lighting, meeting Lux level (National Building Code of India) requirements.We have given particular attention to ergonomic furniture design. Chairs and desks are tailor-made for different grade levels, improving comfort, posture, and concentration. Each classroom includes open cubbies for storing books and bags.

Every classroom has a sizable green chalk or whiteboard and a Manual projector screen, promoting interactive learning. We enrich computer literacy using Microsoft Suite and Google Suite.

At Embassy Academy, we integrate technology with traditional teaching methods following necessary NEP guidelines to provide a comprehensive education. We create an inspiring environment that stimulates curiosity, nurtures creativity, and sharpens critical thinking skills, preparing students for the future.

Our KG classrooms are designed as per each child's comfort and safety in mind. With ergonomic furniture that supports healthy posture, each classroom is bright, cheerful, and well-lit, creating a vibrant learning environment. Safety is our top priority; our classrooms are child-proof and designed to activate different intelligences, encouraging holistic development. We believe in creating a colourful, engaging space where your child can thrive and enjoy their early learning journey.

Our dedicated pre-primary teachers use innovative pedagogy, blending play and education seamlessly. Through interactive methods and a designated play area, students not only develop cognitive and motor skills but also cultivate a love for learning from the very start. We prepare your child for a bright future, one playful step at a time.

Other Spaces


Our laboratories are more than just rooms filled with equipment;

They are the heart of innovative learning. With state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated educators, our labs are where students transform theories into realities, curiosity into discoveries, and classroom concepts into tangible skills.

Science Labs

Our Science Labs, covering the expansive realms of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, measure an impressive 1100 sq.ft each. With the capacity to facilitate 32 students, each lab also includes a dedicated demonstration area for facilitators. We’ve equipped these labs with apparatus and equipment as mandated by CBSE, with unwavering attention to safety protocols. Our Chemistry Lab is a live demonstration of experimental science, equipped with apparatus that set us apart, while our Biology Lab houses a diverse collection of biological models and specimens.

Robotics Lab

Robotics Lab at Embassy Academy, spans across 550 sq.ft and can accommodate 32 aspiring roboticists. The lab brims with the latest robotics equipment and sets, including a rich array of robot kits, microcontrollers, and sensors. The lab is fully equipped with computers and programming software, and we are currently in the process of procuring 3D Printers and Laser Cutters. As with all our labs, high-speed Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity is a given.

Computer Lab

We take immense pride in our state-of-the-art computer labs which is a hub of digital exploration. Equipped with 30 of the latest desktop computers running Microsoft OS and Software, these labs are bustling centres of digital exploration. Each system is complemented by high-resolution monitors, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic computing experience. These labs comfortably host 30 students at a time, providing a personal workspace that encourages self-paced learning.

Mathematics Lab

Our Mathematics Lab, a space of 550 sq.ft, is a vibrant arena that fuels mathematical exploration, equipped with the best learning aids to transform abstract numbers into concrete logic. With a capacity to accommodate 30 students, it encourages collaborative learning. The lab is seamlessly connected with high-speed Wi-Fi and LAN, facilitating access to a world of online resources.

Other Spaces


At Embassy Academy, our libraries span a total area of 1650 sq.ft

The Primary Library measuring 550 sq.ft and our Senior Library spanning 1100 sq.ft. Designed to house as many as 60 students, these spaces encourage independent research, referencing and critical analysis.

Stepping into our library, you walk into a repository of over 2000 books, meticulously assorted to encompass Primary Subjects, Fiction, and Reference Books. Our libraries are equipped with six dedicated workstations, each designed to encourage self-paced exploration and learning.

Managed on an ERP system, our library also boasts archiving facilities, preserving valuable resources and knowledge for generations to come. Each hand-picked librarian is always ready to guide students through their quest for knowledge.

Other Spaces

Co-curricular Spaces

Music, Dance, Art, Theatre

Music Room:

Our Music Room embodies a harmonious blend of education, creativity, and performance. It features a stage that enhances acoustic elements alongside a diverse collection of instruments, ranging from timeless pianos to cutting-edge synthesizers. Within this dedicated space students undergo a transformative journey to become accomplished musicians under the expert guidance of seasoned professionals.

Dance Studio:

Our esteemed Dance Studio features a specially designed sprung floor for utmost safety and mirrors for self-assessment. The studio cultivates grace, agility, and rhythm while nurturing the immense potential of each dancer. Our highly experienced choreographers expertly lead students through a diverse range of dance forms, enriching their confidence and coordination.

Art Studio: 

Our Art Studio serves as a vibrant hub of creativity, where students can explore a wide spectrum of colours, textures, and forms. Equipped with top-quality art supplies, including ample natural lighting, easels, storage space, sinks, ventilation, drying racks, and display space, we provide a nurturing environment for aspiring artists to express their thoughts and emotions on canvas. Under the guidance of professional artists, our students are empowered to create their own masterpieces using a variety of resources.

Theatre Corner: 

Our Theatre Corner offers a remarkable platform for emerging talents to captivate audiences. Featuring a versatile modular stage, professional lighting, and adaptable seating arrangements, students can fully immerse themselves in the captivating world of drama. Guided by experienced dramatists, they can refine their acting and storytelling skills. The theatre corner also comes equipped with essential elements such as a sound system, lighting system, dressing rooms, props, and first aid kits. Students are encouraged to take in and learn about the entire production process and contribute to a department, be it costume, lighting or direction.

Other Spaces

Sports Complex

At Embassy Academy, we believe that physical development is as crucial as intellectual growth.

Our expansive Sports Complex, spanning an area of 12,679 sq.ft, offers a dynamic environment where students can engage in a variety of sports such as basketball, badminton, football, tennis, and table tennis. This meticulously designed space encourages active learning, healthy competition, and includes turf fields like lawn and Mexican grass.

We are introducing gymnastics in the facility. Additionally, we have a nursing station/healthcare centre on the ground floor of the admin block for first aid needs. Through participation in team sports, students not only maintain their physical health but also enhance their teamwork, leadership, and strategic thinking skills.

Other Spaces

Kindergarten Playarea

Our vibrant Kindergarten Playarea is just the place for our youngest learners who get to enjoy grasping spatial, physical and mental concepts through play. The lawn area is a colourful, safe, and stimulating environment where our little ones can explore, imagine, and grow. This play-based approach fosters creativity, improves social skills, and instils a love for learning. This area focuses on providing a solid foundation for future academic pursuits and personal development.

Other Spaces

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