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Learn by exploring

At Embassy Academy (EA), our students feel the joy of experiential learning from the very start. That’s why we initiate exciting hands-on projects in primary school or support immersive real-world simulations in senior school. Here, students find themselves in a dynamic and open environment where learning can happen even outside their textbook pages.

Learn by observation

Our ergonomically designed classrooms, state-of-the-art science labs and universal makers space let students explore and observe. Here faculty encourages students to ask new questions and arrive at the answers themselves with the tools provided around the school. It’s an innovative approach to the holistic development of your child, which will create a foundation for a life of learning.

Learn by play

There is nothing extra about extracurriculars. Sports, Robotics, Performing Arts and Fine Arts contribute as much to the growth of your child as a simple book. The characters we play on stage instill confidence, while the friends we play with on the field promote teamwork. With an array of extracurriculars, EA will create leaders that are molded out of a unique set of such experiences.

Learn by interest

Our flexible curriculum and diverse faculty help students choose how they want to navigate their academic future. Ownership of their choices allows for a greater interest in learning which further leads to better performances. Learn how our academic philosophy will benefit your child and empower them even after graduating.