We cater to the evolving needs of students that arise as new advances in technology and child development shape the modern educational landscape.

Re-imagining how we learn

By simply emphasizing on the pedagogy of how to learn rather than what to learn, EA promotes the habit of self-learning and encourages independence. While our progressive K-12 co-educational day school adheres to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Curriculum, we adopt a child-centred, activity-based, experiential learning approach along with Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.

Embassy Academy foresees the future requirements, that will witness a period of innovation, creation, and expression of possibilities that the human mind has not contemplated before. To meet these challenges, we must prepare the students to be life-long learners with high skill orientation. The skills of creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking will chisel the character of our ambassadors of the future. To achieve this, we must reimagine how we learn. The process of learning is more important than what is being learnt, for the simple reason that knowledge is ever-expanding, and constantly updated. To keep up, students need to hone the skill of learning, analyzing and critiquing to successfully navigate academic, physical and mental challenges even after graduating.

Our Approach

EA learning approach
EA learning Approach

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