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Learning through collaboration

At EA’s Middle School level, we create a supportive atmosphere that empowers students to explore and build their intellectual, creative, and physical talents. The primary focus of our Middle School experience is our cornerstone advisory programme where students find camaraderie, a trusted adult guide, and holistic development support. In small groups, we shape character and prioritize social and emotional learning. Through advisory sessions, we mentor each student personally during these crucial years.

Inside the classrooms, our dedicated teachers understand that every child matures at their own pace. Our teaching approach caters to critical thinking, collaboration, and embracing mistakes through an innovative curriculum spanning English, Mathematics, Science, History, Languages, Studio and Performing Arts, and Physical Education. Our rigorous Middle School journey balances engaging academics and age-appropriate development, all while equipping students for Secondary and Senior Secondary levels ahead.

What would a day at EA look like during middle school?

In Middle School, we encourage individuals to discover the power of collaboration whether in academic or co-scholastic activities. This holistic approach combines undertaking projects based on research-driven methodologies and immersive modern experiences in STEM, robotics, science, visual arts, mathematics, and language proficiency. Here, EA middle-schoolers are likely to find mentors and peer-groups who help them successfully navigate and excel in a subject of their choice. Explore our learning spaces to discover more about our exceptional facilities and educational environment.

Goals for Middle Schoolers

  • A love of learning in a challenging, supportive environment
  • Creative, responsible and independent thinkers
  • Problem-solving skills through human-centred learning
  • Greater individual responsibility, social and moral awareness
  • A respect and appreciation for people of all backgrounds
  • A strong academic foundation that includes the fine and performing arts in preparation for the Upper School curriculum
  • A sense of well-being through physical education, health awareness, and competitive athletics
  • A well-rounded and conscientious individual developed through programmes and experiences outside the classroom

Our Middle school programme includes Grades 6 to 8.

For admission to Grade 6, students must have completed the pre-primary programme and meet the age-criteria ( as on 31st May) as detailed below:

Class Age-Group
Grade 6 11-12 years
Grade 7 12-13 years
Grade 8 13-14 years

Our approach towards integrated learning with an emphasis of holistic development of student that goes beyond the stated curriculum and include sports, activities and skill-based education prepares students for Senior schooling.

By the end of the Middle School, we expect our students to think through reasons using language and ideas. Understand well how people and things work around them and give order to these things in terms of value and size. They would be able to even devise ways to remember better and are able to analyse, problem-solve, imagine alternatives.

We expect our students to gradually become more analytical and logical in their approach to words and grammar. They become increasingly capable to use complex grammar and produce narratives that make sense. Improvements in metalinguistic awareness - knowledge about language - become evident as students start defining words, expand their knowledge of syntax and understand better how to use language in culturally appropriate ways are some of the ways by which students would be prepared for Secondary Education

We expect to start offering Middle School from June 2025.


Our laboratories are more than just rooms filled with equipment;

They are the heart of innovative learning. With state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated educators, our labs are where students transform theories into realities, curiosity into discoveries, and classroom concepts into tangible skills.

Science Labs

Our Science Labs, covering the expansive realms of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, measure an impressive 1100 sq.ft each. With the capacity to facilitate 32 students, each lab also includes a dedicated demonstration area for facilitators. We’ve equipped these labs with apparatus and equipment as mandated by CBSE, with unwavering attention to safety protocols. Our Chemistry Lab is a live demonstration of experimental science, equipped with apparatus that set us apart, while our Biology Lab houses a diverse collection of biological models and specimens.

Robotics Lab

Robotics Lab at Embassy Academy, spans across 550 sq.ft and can accommodate 32 aspiring roboticists. The lab brims with the latest robotics equipment and sets, including a rich array of robot kits, microcontrollers, and sensors. The lab is fully equipped with computers and programming software, and we are currently in the process of procuring 3D Printers and Laser Cutters. As with all our labs, high-speed Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity is a given.

Computer Lab

We take immense pride in our state-of-the-art computer labs which is a hub of digital exploration. Equipped with 30 of the latest desktop computers running Microsoft OS and Software, these labs are bustling centres of digital exploration. Each system is complemented by high-resolution monitors, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic computing experience. These labs comfortably host 30 students at a time, providing a personal workspace that encourages self-paced learning.

Mathematics Lab

Our Mathematics Lab, a space of 550 sq.ft, is a vibrant arena that fuels mathematical exploration, equipped with the best learning aids to transform abstract numbers into concrete logic. With a capacity to accommodate 30 students, it encourages collaborative learning. The lab is seamlessly connected with high-speed Wi-Fi and LAN, facilitating access to a world of online resources.

Sports Complex

At Embassy Academy, we believe that physical development is as crucial as intellectual growth.

Our expansive Sports Complex, spanning an area of 12,679 sq.ft, offers a dynamic environment where students can engage in a variety of sports such as basketball, badminton, football, tennis, and table tennis. This meticulously designed space encourages active learning, healthy competition, and includes turf fields like lawn and Mexican grass.

We are introducing gymnastics in the facility. Additionally, we have a nursing station/healthcare centre on the ground floor of the admin block for first aid needs. Through participation in team sports, students not only maintain their physical health but also enhance their teamwork, leadership, and strategic thinking skills.


At Embassy Academy, our libraries span a total area of 1650 sq.ft

The Primary Library measuring 550 sq.ft and our Senior Library spanning 1100 sq.ft. Designed to house as many as 60 students, these spaces encourage independent research, referencing and critical analysis.

Stepping into our library, you walk into a repository of over 2000 books, meticulously assorted to encompass Primary Subjects, Fiction, and Reference Books. Our libraries are equipped with six dedicated workstations, each designed to encourage self-paced exploration and learning.

Managed on an ERP system, our library also boasts archiving facilities, preserving valuable resources and knowledge for generations to come. Each hand-picked librarian is always ready to guide students through their quest for knowledge.

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