Through our pursuit of excellence in the performing arts, we encourage students to develop self-confidence, resilience and the ability to express themselves through art.
fine arts at embassy academy

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Learn through creativity

At Embassy Academy Performing Arts aims to strengthen the musical, bodily-kinesthetic and interpersonal intelligence that learners innately have. While musical intelligence is a natural inclination towards sound, tone and notes, the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is expressed with body movements which come into play during acting or dancing. Interpersonal intelligence reflects a natural ability to work well with others and can be seen when someone is part of the backstage crew or speaking into a microphone.

To hone these natural talents and interests, our dance, music and theatre studios become a buzzing center of creativity and arts. The students work together, innovate and express new ideas. It’s a dynamic space to develop confidence, communication skills and understanding of humanities while enjoying themselves. We provide mentorship and guidance from experienced instructors who can help them reach their fullest potential as creative individuals. As part of this goal, we offer a variety of activities and programs such as student-led workshops, masterclasses with guest lecturers, and other events to foster learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

At Embassy Academy, we provide our students with access to a range of specialized spaces and equipment to develop their skills in performing arts.

  • Our dance studio is equipped with mirrors and professional audio/visual systems.
  • Our theatre set up with a stage allows students to learn light design, costume design, sound design and more.
  • Our music studio has impressive acoustics, allowing our students to explore musical styles and genres.
  • Public speaking classes offered in our Performing Arts programme helps students develop their presentation skills to excel in any field they choose

fine arts at embassy academy

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