A Summer of Growth and Adventure for Kids at Embassy Academy


Embassy Academy hosted an unforgettable Summer Camp for children aged 4-11 years in April-May. Children from schools in North Bangalore joined the 2 week long camp. It was a vibrant hub of activity, offering a diverse range of exciting and educational experiences designed to ignite young minds and foster creativity.

Children immersed themselves in the world of music, honing their skills and discovering new talents. Skating sessions provided thrilling adventures, while football drills kept the energy high and teamwork strong. Dance classes added a rhythmic flair, allowing kids to express themselves through movement.

Beyond the arts, the camp introduced eco-friendly activities like gardening and recycling, teaching kids the importance of sustainability. Art and craft sessions unleashed their creativity, resulting in beautiful, imaginative works.

Science projects were a highlight, especially the spectacular volcano eruptions, which captivated and educated the young scientists. These hands-on experiments fostered curiosity and a love for learning.

Embassy Academy's Summer Camp was more than just fun—it was a place where children grew, learned, and made lasting memories. With its wide array of activities, the camp ensured every child had a summer to remember, filled with joy, discovery, and new friendships. Don't miss out on next year's adventure!